Dan's Jetta/Golf MKIII Help page.


How To: Front Disk 2.0 Brakes
How To: REAR Disk 2.0 Brakes
How To: REAR DRUM 2.0 Brakes
DIY - Parking Brakes

The $20 pressure bleeder

Interior / Electrical
All About "E-Codes"
A/C and Cooling Fan Help
Audio Support
DIY - Central Locking Mod (Archived)
DIY - Airhorns and Euro Turn Signal Mod

Optima Battery Install
Dash Cluster Diagnosis
Keyless Entry/Alarm Install Information
My own dash cluster mod (LEDs)

Cabrio Chrome Door Pulls (levers)
How to read German Wire codes and diagrams.*
How to read the Bentley Wire Diagrams*

Check Engine Lights And Codes!
Oil cooler seal/gasket replacement
2.0 tuning guide - VR6 tuning guide
DIY - Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Tech Info - Sensors, Fuses, Relays, Diagrams and so on...
Accessing the Fuse Box/Relays
Why I no longer use Bosch Platinum plugs and aftermarket wires
DIY- 2.0 Cooling System Maint and T-stat
2.0 Vacuum Diagrams
MAF Testing
P1582 Help
DIY - 2.0 T-belt and Waterpump
DIY - 2.0 Camshaft, Lifter, Spring, and Valve Seal install
Common causes of poor running and how to fix them
No Crank "My Car Won't Start" Diagnosis

Poly lower control arm and sway bar bushings
JOM "lowering cap" = Worthless for me (Archive)

Installing New Inner and Outer Tie Rods
Installing Ball Joints
Going to get an alignment, read this 1st!

2.0 Shifter Help/Linkage Rebuild
DIY - Custom made short shifter (for real). (Archive)
DIY - Short Shifter - Cutting the Stock Shifter Stalk/shaft
01M/CLK (OBDII) Automatic Trans Fluid change and Tips
Destroyer's 096 Trans (OBDI Automatic) Fluid Change Page*
European Transmissions Data Page*

What to do when the door won't lock or open..
Fixing wobbly seats
DIY - Adding a euro side mirror (Or how to replace a broken side mirror glass)

Side Molding Repair
Side Skirt Help (Archive)
How To: Lower Glove box (96' and lower)
How To: Lower Rad Support (Archive)
DIY - Debadge (remove emblems)
DIY - Puttin' a much cooler emblem back on.. (Archive)
DIY - Momo Pedal Install (hardly a big deal...)
How To Re-Key Door Locks
Passenger side water leak on the floor with A/C on fix;
"Under the raintray (ECU location, leaks, wipers, DIY cabin air filter)"

DIY - How to remove and install a door.

Audio Support
Wire Diagrams - Base Radio*
Wire Diagrams - Bose Radio*
Wire Diagrams - 98 and up Base Radio*
Radio Connector Pin-Outs*
Removing Front Door Speakers
Removing Rear Deck Speakers (Jetta)*
How To Remove and Wire The Head Unit*
Important Notes On 98+ up Radio Installs!
DIY - Installing Satellite Radio
DIY - Installing a Satellite Radio Antenna to a roof mount Fuba base.
DIY- Fuba Antenna Gasket Base Install (Golf)
Fender Mount Antenna Install - Part 1 and Part 2*
MKIII Satellite Install Post (Vortex Link)

Sites not by me, but good links.
Where to buy "hot rod" VW parts
"The" Book you need to fix your VW
Free electrical schematics for most VW products
Door card removal  (Also how to replace the regulator)
Tire Size Program Calculator (download)
OBDI VW Blink Codes
OBDI VW Blink Codes (Factory TSB)
VIN Decoder
Ignition Switch DIY - Another link as well.
The DIY Group
Toby's great DIY page

VAG Links
T-Belt 2.0 Change
020 Trans Fluid Change and Tips
Library of things GTI VR6 (A3/Mk3 & Mk4)
Ian's House of Thud

Gti Shrine (lots of DIYs)

Good sites;

www.germanautoparts.com - the only place to buy parts IMHO.

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