1994-95 Volkswagen Jetta III Keyless Entry/Alarm Install Information (See 96 and up link below!)
Constant 12V+ Red  Ignition Switch Harness 
Starter Red/Black  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ignition Black  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ignition 2 Brown/Red  Ignition Switch Harness 
Accessory Black/Yellow  Ignition Switch Harness 
Tach Black/Red  Coil 
Brake Switch Red/Black  Brake Switch 
Trunk Release Gray  Switch in Glove Compartment 
Trunk Pin Brown/Black (-)  Driver's Kick or OEM Alarm behind Fuse Panel 
Parking Lights Gray/Black L  Gray/Red R at Light Switch, daytime running lights 
Head Lamp White/Black  Light Switch 
Hood Pin Brown/Red (-)  Driver's Kick or OEM Alarm behind Fuse Panel 
Factory Disarm Disarms w/Unlock   
Door Trigger Brown/White (-)  Driver's Kick Panel
Door Lock Yellow/Red (93-95) Gray (96-99) Driver's Kick Panel Positive Trigger (SINGLE PULSE)
Door Unlock Red/Black Double Pulse (+12v) to Unlock all Doors 
Horn Wire Black/Yellow  3 Pin Connector behind Fuse Panel 
1995 Volkswagen Golf III Cruise Information
Constant 12V+ Red  Ignition Switch Harness or Use Hot Side of Brake
Switched 12V+ Black  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ground Use Chassis  Near Cruise Control Module 
Hot Side of Brake n/a  Brake Switch 
Cold Side of Brake Red/Black  Brake Switch 
Tach Black/Red  Or Green At Coil 
VSS Lead White/Blue  Driver's Firewall 3 Wire Connector from Transaxle 
Pulses Per Mile 8000 PPM 
I used an Omega DLP-P3 and an Omega REC-43T from www.mypushcart.com to retrofit a remote keyless entry setup to my 1995 Golf.  The car has a factory alarm and (power) door locks.  The install was painless and easy, 4 wires total. 

Let me put this in BIG letters.


DLP-P3 and Omega REC-43T (Sometimes sold as a REC-43 - also sold under other brand names)

The two wires you see below (Lock/Unlock) as well as 12V power and ground, is all that's needed.  The kit came with two remotes, the module and the hookup wires.

As of 5/16/2006 this kit (parts and shipping) was under $50.  Given the price of a OEM setup, this is a great alternative to trying to deal with the dumb FCC module/part numbers and VW Remotes.

1 button on the remote locks the doors, the other button, with two presses unlocks the doors.  This all works 100% fine with my installed central lock switch setup.    This also arms and disarms the alarm.  In a nut shell, this remote simulates inserting the key in the door and locking it, and then the double key pulse to unlock all the doors.

The remotes are sort of cheap, but easy to replace and program.  They are extremely small! And I am sure could be modded into a MKIV flip out key.  Follow the directions with the remote module to program it.  Once its programmed it WILL remember the lock codes and the remotes codes.  No need to reprogram anything when the battery (in the car) dies.

The range of the unit is FAR better than the stock remotes.  I ran the antenna wire up the "A pillar" drivers door trim in the rubber strip.


BONUS!  As a added bonus, here's something the OEM setup does not do!  This setup rolls down/up the windows and closes the sunroof!

6/10/06 -I wired up the trunk, using the output 3 from the REC-43 unit!   Works great, press and hold "unlock" and then tap "lock" and "pop" the trunk opens!  


Note: This kit mimics the "key" in the door.  Ya know, one turn unlock, two turns lock, hold key in unlock, windows roll down...etc.. , you'll only hear the alarm honk when you press lock.  There is also an extra relay needed to make it wire into the trunk popper.  I did not bother to wire that up.

Yes, if you have an older car, you can upgrade with a later remote (OEM, AKA White Box) module, see link here - but that's a pain in the ass, and does not give you the same functionality as this setup.  Plus, there seems to be some confusion about what type of remote works with, or without the factory module.  In the long run, months later, I am still VERY happy with this setup.

See below for install schematics!

This is the owners and install guide for the unit. - Note, its poorly written, and a pain to program.  It took me several tries to really understand the way to program it...

Here is a VIDEO of the system in action!


Tips for programming the unit - its confusing... so here;

1 - press and hold the little button on the "box" for 2 seconds - you can press this with a small pen tip. A red LED will light up and it will beep 4 times.
2 - Let go of the switch.
3 - Press Button 1 on the remote, this is OUTPUT 1.
4 - the unit will flash.
5 - Press Button 2 on the remote, this is OUTPUT 2.
6 - the unit will flash twice.
7 - Wait 20 seconds, forget about the 2nd transmitter for now.
8 - It should work, button 1 is lock, button 2 is unlock. To unlock you press... wait... press... car unlocks.

You need to have the key OFF and out of the IGN when you program it!


1996 Update.  In 1996 VW changed ONE wire color below.  Please take note, this is NOT the same diagram as above! -

In 1996 You'll see that the LOCK wire, is now ALL gray, VS the two color setup of the older design.