MKIII Side Molding Repair.

A topic on this at VW Vortex can be found here, its a good read

What you need:
3M VHB automotive trim tape (Gray w/Red),
(don't use the "white, puffy, hobby tape")
1 hour
Car wash stuff
Rubbing Alcohol


0 - Take you time, this is not a 15 min, job...

1 - Wash car. I kid you not.

2 - Peel off offending trim. Use a heat gun, don't blister paint, or do it in the sun on a warm day.

3 - Wash car again. Wash trim off.

4 - Clay bar vehicle @ trim spot. I used Goof-Off on a small rag... Don't go nuts. Sit down and do some work.

4 - Wash it, dry it. Wipe it down with 91% iso. alch. Let it dry.

5 - Working on a flat clean surface remove the old tape from the trim. I used - yes a razor blade to carefully peel off some of it, I then used Goof-Off, my thumb, and some blisters to get the surface near perfect.

6 - Wash trim/Dry w/air

7 - Wipe off with alch.

8 - Lay 2 strips of 3M VHB tape down on trim.

9 - Line up trim with dip on side belt line. Move trim "onto" door starting from the bottom up. Take your time.

10 - Rub trim into place.

11 - It should last another 10 years.