All About MKIII E-Codes;

Q - What are they?

A - "E" Coded lights are European spec lighting. The light output is the same wattage as US lights; however the beam pattern is not the same. "E-Code" is more or less the European "DOT" equivalent. E-code lights may not be legal in your municipality since they are not DOT rated. However, quality lights (Hella for example) are well made and will often pass inspection with no problem.

For WAY too much information on lighting in general please visit -

For regulations about the differnces between European lighting VS US lighting -

Q - What are “City Lights”?

A - These are lights in the main bulb chamber that when lit “fill” the chamber but do not throw out a lot of light. They are designed for city use only.

Q - I see a lot of lights on E-bay are these E-Codes?

A - Might be, might not be. Depends. Often the Chinese or Taiwan made lights are a low quality made for the European market.

Q - How do I install them, do they bolt in?

A - No, not on a US Jetta or Golf. Your Options are:

Make brackets -- (Also look! - Image to the left)

(Thank to Vortex User  - HCClubPrez - For making up this easy to print out and make template!) See This File!!

Buy Brackets - NGP Racing
Cut your existing radiator support - Link 1, Link 2
Buy a European radiator support (and then the lights bolt right in)

Q - What about wires?

A - They also do not fit the US lighting plugs.

Make your own harness
Buy a harness, Link 2, Link 3

Q - How do I aim my E-Codes?

A - Link 1

Q - What about the headlight switch? What makes it European?

A - It has previsions for city lights, front fogs, rear fogs, and some have adjusters to “aim” the headlights as you drive! Allows parking lights without headlights on, fogs and rear fogs on without headlights on, or all. get rid of those daytime running lights with a simple wiring change.