Cabrio (style) Chrome Door Pulls (Levers)

Time: 10 min per side or less.

Tools: Needle Nose Pliers

Parts: Cabrio style door pulls.

Simple to do, no need to pull the door panel off here..  You only need a pair of needle nose pliers and perhaps a thin screwdriver to make this all work.

IF you want to go about this the "110% correct way" you will want to pull off the door panel, please see this page on how to do that.  Again, this is really not needed but would be the "proper" way to go about this.. Note: Later cars (96+ up) need to have the door panel pulled in order to remove a brass rod.

Me, eh, it was 100 degrees out when I installed these so no door panel pulling for me.

1 - Pull off the outer part of the door handle...

2 - Pull back on the old door pull and cock it "upwards".  You'll see there are two locating tabs that normally hold it in place, as well as the pull rod for the door latch.

3 - Using a pair of pliers grab the rear part of the hook/rod and try to give it a nice pull so you can extend/hold the lever out so you can slip it off the bottom of the hook

4 - Check to make sure your new/old ones match up;

5 - Slip the new chrome unit in place and pop it back onto the tabs... I had to wiggle mine as I pressed to get it to pop into the tabs.

6 - Bling!