Making a "short shift" or cutting the shifter..

Ok, so this is my stock shifter height.  The idea is to cut down the stock shifter, this will make it look a little better, and in turn shorten the throw.  Here's a simple diagram.

That's my stock shifter height..

Parts you need.  Die 12x1.50mm - Vice Grips, Sharpie Marker, Latex Glove, Ruler, Die Threader, and Pipe Cutter (not shown)

Measure and mark the stock shifter, I decided to take off 1.5"  Mark the shifter BELOW the point where you plan to cut since the die will cover up the mark you made!

Stretch the latex glove over the shifter, poke the shifter past the index finger.  Clamp the vice grips TIGHT around the base of the shifter shaft.

Start to thread the die onto the shifter.

Once the die starts to cut into fresh metal STOP, and add some type of oil to lube the die (motor oil works fine) just a few drops..  Avoid spraying oil all over the inside of your car.

Once you start to dig into fresh metal, I used my KNEE to support the vice grips from moving.  If they move you run the risk of breaking the lower shifter ball.  Its a pain to replace.  Do NOT ALLOW THE SHIFTER TO SPIN!  IT WILL BREAK!  Again, use the vice grips to prevent this from happening.

Note the metal shavings, rotate the die 180 deg, back it off 90, rotate 180, back off 90.. lube.. repeat.

This is the pipe cutter.  Place it where you want to make the cut and tighten the head.  Rotate it 360, back and forth.. tighten head.. rotate..  until it comes loose.

The cut may not be clean, but its free from spraying metal all over the place.

Now cut -, 1.5" cut.. looks better. Feels better!