How to Debadge (de-badge)

You'll need:

1 hour.
Soap, Bucket, Hose
Orbital Buffer and Pads
Dental Floss
"Goof Off" or other type of grease/wax solvent
Clay Bar
Rubbing Compounds
2000 Grit Sandpaper and wood block

Step 1 - Start with a clean car.  Here is the suspect.  A 10 year old Golf III emblem

Step 2 - Dental Floss.  Get "hard stuff" none of that "Gore-text" feel good crap.  Just plain wax based stuff
you may want to "loop" about 4 strands behind the emblem.  "Saw" the emblem off the car.   Try to get as close
to the body as possible.

Step 3 - Save emblem for tool box or wall, or something else...

Step 4 - Use a rag and gloves to remove the old adhesive.  I used "Goof-Off".  WD-40 or prep solv.
may also work as well.

Step 5 - More wiping.  Let it soak for a few seconds with a saturated surface.  Make sure not to get any
on any hard plastic surfaces (like the tail light) it will destroy them.

Step 6 - Final wipe down.  Note yellow film.

Step 7 - Using a clay bar, scrub the body as best as you can.

Step 8 - 2000 Grit Wet/Dry sandpaper and a sanding block

Step 9 - Lightly wet sand the surface until the yellow glue is gone.  Do not sand more than you have to.

Inverted photo to show sanded area... note darker oval

Step 10 - After Wet sanding.  Wipe car down.  Note very light scratches on surface from 2000 grit

Step 11 - Buffing.  Start with a harsh buffing compound, and work your way to the lightest.
I used a orbital buffer with a blue pad, and "Turtle Wax" rubbing compound (Stock #T-230)
Red Label -  then "Turtle Wax" polishing compound (Stock # T-241) Green Label.

Finish up with A quality wax.  The tape on the taillight is to protect it from the buffer.

 Step 12 - Finished.  Mirror smooth.

Step 13 - Beer.