Momo Pedal Install - MK III Golf/Jetta

Momo Challenger Pedals -

1 - Use a good drill bit. (5mm) - forget anything that is "made for wood" when it comes to the brake pedal..

2 - The gas and clutch pedal are made of plastic.  Very easy to drill. 

3- I used a spring loaded center punch to mark the holes.

4 - The brake pedal is a bitch.  Its hardened steel (and a good thing to, donít want it snapping off..).  Since the pedal only goes down so far, itís a pain to fit a cordless drill down into that space..  I ended up using a 90 degree drill adapter to drill into the brake pedal.

5 - Some states frown on pedals that have no rubber covering.  Save your old covers (toss in glove box) for when the ďmanĒ needs to make sure your car is safe for you to drive..

Advantages over stock pedals..

1 - looks (lets face it)

2 - They do grip better, much better

3 - You can move them around a bit for your feet, and heel-toe braking fun!