Common issues, stumbles in the rain like a drunk sailor.

Golf / Jetta 2.0 / VR6 1993-1999

Ahh yes, the 2.0  or VR6. - Symptoms - Car dies in the rain, hard to start, runs rough, misfires, random CEL (Check engine light).
Stutter at wide open throttle, or poor acceleration and gas mileage.

If left uncorrected this will cause your catalytic converter to melt down and fail.

You may get codes like - P0300 - P0306 (OBDII)

Time for a tune up - plugs, wires, cap, rotor!

Buy this kit, its all top shelf stuff at a very good price (2.0).  (Here for the VR6)

Avoid platinum plugs (Esp +4's) or over the top ignition systems, they are not needed and will only cause more problems.  Bosch Silver (Silber) for the 2.0 and NGKs for the VR6s seem to be the best bet. DO NOT USE CHEAP AFTERMARKET PARTS!

Do change the plugs on the 2.0 you DO NOT need to remove the intake, use use a 6" long wobble extension, and a spark plug socket, and a ratchet.  However, it can make a wire change go a lot smoother.

Use a park plug boot puller to remove the boots.

If you own a VR6 its very common for the coil pack to crack and short out.  This can also happen on the 2.0 but is less common.

See this, and this.

Dan, I did the tune up and the car still runs bad.

1 - Clean the MAF.   Use this stuff.  Google it - "crc maf cleaner"

2 - Clean the TB Use This Stuff. Google it - "crc air intake cleaner" - Also see this page.

3 - Make Sure Grounds are clean!

4 - Check or replace O2 sensor.

Dan, my car cranks but wont start?!

1 - Check for spark, make sure plugs are not "Wet" with fuel, if they are, clean them, try again, if it still fails, check coil!

the 2.0 coils fail with AGE AND HEAT - WET the coil down with a plant mister... look for ARCING UNDER THE COIL from the coil's high voltage output terminal to an internal ground on the coil... its faint, and weak, but any arc shows a failed coil!

Symptoms are a car that runs, and might start, but as soon as you give it any gas.. it stumbles and/or stalls out!

ONLY USE THE OEM GERMAN OR MEXICAN MADE COILS! The coil from the dealer is $140.

2 - No wetness on plugs - Check fuel filter (under car), check crank sensor (under oil filter)

3 - Check Relay #3, Relay #12, Fuse #18, and  (see this)