MK III Jetta/Golf Front Speaker Install

6.5 and most 6.75" speakers should fit.  6.5's were used in this install..

Pop off speaker grill (grille).  Use a small flat head screwdriver and pry in the area shown.

Here we see a fine example of a Mexican made 95' stock speaker.  Its done well... remove the 4 Phillips screws

Here are the color codes...

In order to mount any new speaker - you'll need to snip off the two VW OEM locating tabs.  Use wire cutters.
VW uses some silly connector.  I cut the connector off.  The brown (orange) colored wires are ground for the system.
If you wish to keep the dumb OEM connectors, Crutchfield sells them for $10 a set, or if you order speakers from them
they come for free with your order..  I obviously did not order these speakers from them..

Solder/Heat Shrink everything.. work like the pro you are..

Test fit the new speaker.  - Try the OEM grill on as well.  I didn't want the "Fast and Furious" look.

I had to hammer (lightly) the outer lip of the new speaker to get the grill to fit over it.  I ended up doing this all  the way around.

Put it in, plug it in, screw it down, pop the grill back on, and that's it.