Fuba Roof Gasket Repair - Replacement (Golf)

This is not a hard job, but be careful about the trim covers, and the headliner.  If you bend the headliner too far it will crease.  I lost two trim clips in the process, if they break, make sure to remove the remnants so they do not rattle.

Total time ~20min.

Tools needed
Door panel tool (trim popper)
22mm wrench or socket/ratchet
10mm socket/ratchet

Here is our starting point, a damaged or missing Fuba base gasket (note the PO had used some silicone to seal it up), and the roof had been repainted.  Start by unscrewing the antenna whip.

Remove the rear package tray.  Using a 10mm socket, remove the 5 hold down nuts and remove the package tray side panel

Remove the side trim.  Just pop it loose.  Right side rear shown.  The clips are tight.  The rear seatbelt stays in place.

It may be helpful to fold down or remove the rear hatch gasket to get a better grip on the side and top trim panels

Hop inside the car, and pry down the left/right inner rear window trim, again don't remove it, just pop it down.

Once the side trim is loose, remove the rear trim panel (at the base where the hatch meets the roof).

Carefully pry the headliner down.  Now you can see the 22mm nut that holds the unit to the roof.

Once the nut is off, you can remove the antenna.  Slide the black collar to the left to separate the connector.

Remove the antenna.  Install is reverse of removal.  Add a small dab of silicone dielectric grease to the base of the inner gasket and nut.