How to replace a door on a MKIII.

Its bad when you get hit, its worse when you get hit on a part like a door... or is it?  Chances are you can find a clean door, with OEM paint, in most yards for under $100.  Often people are confused at what just needs to happen to remove and replace a door.  "the fender has to come off".. "the hinges need to be shimmed".. "the hinges are welded".. I've heard a lot of miscommunication because it only looks hard.. its very easy.  You can do this by yourself, but if you do, get a floor jack and a block of wood to help support the door.  Otherwise, its a fast swap that can be done with two people in less then 15 min.  Front, and Rear Doors on Golf/Jetta cars come off the same.

Time needed:
15 min to 1 hour. w/friend.  A little longer if you have been drinking and you are by yourself.  Even longer if your swapping over interior parts as I had to.

10mm socket and wrench.
XX5/6mm deep socket and ratchet.
T-XX Torqs Driver (for door handle/Key swap), if needed at all.

Painters Tape (to protect edges of door and fender area).

Step 1- Determine that you need a door.

Back in Feb, my car got hit.  Sucks, the door was pretty good, but the fender was mint.  None the less, I was quoted $500 to fix and paint the door alone... so set off to just get a used Candy White door, and do it myself.  The impact left a crease in the door.  Too much work to fix it.

Nice used door, note kick-ass Neuspeed sticker on door. Yea, that's leaving...

Step 2 - Open Door.

Yup, its open. 

The red areas need to be unbolted.  The blue part twists off.  You can also see the sunroof drain here.

Pry off the small "VW" caps on the door hinges, they are black.  Underneath you'll see the small 5mm bolt.  Remove it completely.

Step 3 - Tape up door edge and fender edge @ leading door gap to protect paint.

Step 4 - Unscrew door wire harness.

Step 4 - Unbolt Door. - Don't worry the door WILL NOT FALL OFF THE CAR!

BEWARE!  One the door check is off the door, it will open FARTHER THEN NORMAL, make sure not to let it impact the fender or other parts.

Step 5 - Lift door off car VERTICALLY.  This is where the floor jack and wood come in handy if you are by yourself.  The jack and wood go under the door to help you raise it, and lower it back down, and roll it out of the way once its off the car.

Note, hinge bases stay on car!  So does the Fender!  I had to beat the fender back since it was "pushed" into the door gap area due to the accident, I did not want to damage the new/used door.

Step 6 - Reverse Process and install new/used door!

Done! (Note, jack and wood in lower corner!)