Installing a Satellite Radio Antenna to a roof mount Fuba base.

This was the original alternative method I used for a short time.

I ran the wire under the roof gutter trim, this worked fine, but I did not like the look.

Just ran the wire under the rubber hatch gasket and up into the roof gutter trim.  Fast + Easy (does not equal good!) :)

Marked off roof with tape, and used a Dremel cutting wheel to make a small notch at the base of the Fuba base.

The notch is about 1/8" long towards the rear of the roof. (see link here on removing the Fuba antanna)

Run the antenna, I used some clear-coat to seal the metal up where I made the cut.

You'll have to cut a notch for the antenna wire to run under the Fuba base.  You will also have to cut the Fuba gasket.  Nice to see a German eagle on a part on a Mexican built VW. :)

Mount the Fuba base and gasket back onto the roof and screw it down.  I used some black GE silicone caulk to fill in and hold the Satellite Radio Antenna "tail" and make a watertight seal.  The tape is on the Fuba base gasket to hold it right while the silicone sets up.

I also used some silicone to hold on the "tail cover" for the rear of the Satellite Radio Antenna.

Finished.  Looks good to me!  Works 100% perfect!

Where I mounted my SV-1 receiver - (ash tray).