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This is the bar that holds up the radiator from the underside of the subframe. I had no idea this thing would rot out this bad. However, its easy to change, and requires about 1 hour. Mine is a 2.0 I think the VR6s are the same. Check this part NOW if you live in the NE. Note: no need to remove wheels, coolant, or anything else... its easy.

The part costs $161 from the dealer (Central east coast USA, 8/05).

Needed, good jack (not widowmaker), 2 jack stands, 8 and 10mm deep socket, 16mm 1/2 drive deep socket (6pt), two long zipties.

Time < 1 hour.

Here's how.

Jack up car at front sub frame. The front motor mount is a good place to do this. Position some jack stands under the front sub frame on either side of the jack.

Remove the upper fan shroud (3-8mm bolts), and use the plastic Zipties to hold the upper radiator hose to the upper support, and then do the same for the A/C condenser (metal) hose. This will hold up the radiator when we remove its support from the bottom.

Next, reach down and remove the two 10mm bolts holding the radiator to the lower support. These bolts are on either side of the side tanks, and have large washers that will come out with the bolts.

Next, Remove the 4 large 16mm bolts from the front of the sub frame. Take care not to lower or shift the vehicle at this point as there is a small chance you may knock off the alignment of the frame (and change toe adjustment and thrust angle).

At this point, the old lower core support comes out. Kick that rusty Mexican crap into the trash and either make sure that your junkyard one has ZERO rust, or grind/sand blast it/prime it/paint it with a good quality spray paint (I used black Rustolium "hammer tone"). Even if this part were new, I'd still spray it. Water sits on this part every time it rains... plus its down in the "salt zone" for us winter driving morons..

You may wish to think about a euro-rad support if you are going to do this, its not a big deal..

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that's some holey crap!

nice write up. i'll have to check my 93

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i hear ya


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