This web page is here because I found it very difficult to find GOOD information about older pachinko machines. This web page is based on  mid 60's to mid 80's Nishijin "B" models. Other brands and models are basically identical. copyright (C) Dan Reed

This web site is about:

How the game works, and ways to play.
The machines anatomy
Electrical notes (lights, and switches)
A little about the machines, and who -
makes (made) them, and the games history

How old is it?
What's it worth?
How to service and test them Pt1, Pt2, Pt3
How to clean them up
What does that Japanese text mean?!
Where to get parts, machines, balls, and owners guides
My pachinko machine and me

This web site is NOT about:

Newer "electronic" pachinko machines
"Sexy Fever" Pachinko
Video pachinko machines
Video games that are pachinko
Trying to get you hooked on gambling online

I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed me over the years about great stories, thank you!

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copyright (C) Dan Reed

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