The Machines Anatomy

Its gravity levers, some wires, and lots of little ball bearings, channels, and springs! Most games are a standard size of 33.5" tall by 27.5" wide, and need some clearance in the back to access the balls.

If you have a pachinko machine - it does not need electrical power. The game works just fine with out power. The power for the unit only runs the lights. Don't worry, you'll still know when you will as the balls hit a bell on the way out when you have won!

The Balls are about 11mm, they are not all chrome, but polished steel, and WILL RUST if not cared for!

copyright (C) Dan Reed

Here is a Video I made of my 1985 "Bells" Machine;


The game does need;

A sturdy level clean surface
Pachinko balls - at least 300 to make it fun, the more balls the better!
(However, I will tell you how to test the machine with as few as 15 balls)
To be fairly clean
All working parts to move freely.
Bent, missing, or sticking linkages will prevent the machine from working. 

copyright (C) Dan Reed

A - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light - Add more balls, or the machine will lock you out of launching balls.
B - "Winning Pocket" Main attraction
C - Smaller "Winning Pockets" AKA Tulips and Pockets
D - Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray - Where the winners balls exit from, and where the player places balls to play
E - Ball return - miss launched balls exit here
F - Flip out ash tray
G - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit to (D)
H - Cabinet Lock
I - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator - machine will not launch balls when this lever is down
J - Ball eject, takes balls from (D) and passes them to (E)
K - Ball Launcher
M - Finger Rest

Front of machine

1 - "Winning Ball Tray" - Must be filled for machine to work
2 - Electrical switch for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
3 - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit (13)
4 - Linkage for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator (I)
5 - "Seesaw" - Takes the balls that have entered a winning pocket and sends them down to the ball exit 1 (7) - AKA the Regulator
6 - Reset pin for (5), Must have (5) in upwards position for game to operate
7 - Ball exit 1 - Balls that landed in a Winning Pocket (B, C) exit here.
8 - Backside of Ball Launcher
9 - Power hook up for lights (see electrical notes section)
10 - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
11 - Dump Ball Lever - Balls from (1) exit out to (16)
12 - Trigger for "Jackpot" - Weight of balls must be on lever for jackpot to function, and machine to work
13 - "Jackpot" - where the balls from (1) are stored before they are won my the player
14 - Electrical switch contacts for "Winner" light
15 - Latch for glass/plastic door to open
16 - "Loosing balls" and "Ball Dump" Exit.

copyright (C) Dan Reed

Backside of machine

copyright (C) Dan Reed


copyright (C) Dan Reed