My pachinko machine and me    
copyright (C) Dan ReedI got my back in June of 2002, and fell in love with it. Since I was 5 and saw my first machine I had ALWAYS wanted one. When I saw that machine when I was 5, that was the LAST machine I had ever seen (in person) until I came across my machine. Like most people, I just forgot about the machines.

I got my machine at a local flea market for $20. The owner did not know if the machine worked or not. Frankly I didn't care! I thought for $20 I could at least clean the machine up and make some cool wall-art out of it!

As soon as I got home I went on Google and found - well - very little that was good useful information about the machines - this I created this page. Many of the pages were crappy, and just online gambling sites.

I am an ASE certified Master automobile technician, and I teach automotive technology at a local community college. I love machines. And thus I love the pachinko machine, its amazing that this simple machine is total gravity driven, cheap, low-tech, and FUN! I also enjoy computers, tropical fish, cars (obviously), electronics, small engines, air powered devices, my house, wife and son. I have always been a "do it yourselfer" and really enjoyed creating this site, and learning about the machines. I hope you find this site useful, and enjoy it also!

The pictures on this site are from my machine.

copyright (C) Dan Reed



copyright (C) Dan Reed