How to service and test them - Part 3

Did it work? Great! If not, adjust the pockets as needed, or a more in depth repair may be needed. The Tulips and Pockets (Pots) come off the front with small Phillips screws. If you need to get behind the board, you'll need to remove the entire linkage assembly off the back of the machine. While this looks like a mess to do, if you take your time, it can be done with ease.

If the machine passes these tests, it should function. However, testing is still needed on the Ball Launcher (K), Loader, and Ramps.

Typical "Pot" Pocket

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Remove all the balls from the Jackpot lever by testing it as on the last page. And load the balls into the Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray (D). Since there are no balls to win, do not expect to win anything, and care must be taken to prevent jamming the machine.

You must "fool" the machine into thinking is has balls in the Winning Ball Tray (1), to do this move the Linkage for Winning Ball Tray - Empty (4) downward (simulating the balls in the tray). This will allow the balls to enter the launcher. If you do not do this, the machine will not load balls, and its not supposed to! When the linkage is moved down, the balls should load into the Ball Launcher (K).

Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray (D)

Step 18 - The Final Test!

Close the glass or plastic door and fire away! Balls should move up and out onto the playing field, a rubber stopper on the right hand side of the field should bounce the balls back. The balls should move quickly and smoothly up onto the field. Loosing balls will end up at the Loosing balls and Ball Dump Exit (16). Balls that enter winning pockets will end up at Ball exit 1 (7). When a ball enters a Winning Pocket (B, C) the Seesaw (5) should move, and allow the Jackpot (13) to send balls out to Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray (D).

Note: The Jackpot (13) should reload if balls are present in the Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray (D).

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Full Shot of the ramps

The game is amazing once it really gets going. For example, lets say that 3 balls enter the same winning pocket right after each other - the machine should give you 3 nice even payoffs in a row!

If your machine does this - It works!
Oh yea, that Ashtray (F)? Hey, it should rotate foreword. Go ahead and try it out! (Kids, don't smoke, it's really, really bad for ya…). You can't remove it unless you unbolt the Ball return (E), three small nuts hold it to the front of the machine, and then bend the metal tang that holds on the ash tray. I took mine off for cleaning.    
A - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light - Add more balls, or the machine may jamb
B - "Winning Pocket" Main attraction
C - Smaller "Winning Pockets" AKA Tulips and Pockets
D - Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray - Where the winners balls exit from, and where the player places balls to play
E - Ball return - miss launched balls exit here
F - Flip out ash tray
G - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit to (D)
H - Cabinet Lock
I - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator - machine will not launch balls when this lever is down
J - Ball eject, takes balls from (D) and passes them to (E)
K - Ball Launcher
M - Finger Rest
1 - "Winning Ball Tray" - Must be filled for machine to work
2 - Electrical switch for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
3 - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit (13)
4 - Linkage for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator (I)
5 - "Seesaw" - Takes the balls that have entered a winning pocket and sends them down to the ball exit 1 (7) - AKA the Regulator
6 - Reset pin for (5), Must have (5) in upwards position for game to operate
7 - Ball exit 1 - Balls that landed in a Winning Pocket (B, C) exit here.
8 - Backside of Ball Launcher
9 - Power hook up for lights (see electrical notes section)
10 - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
11 - Dump Ball Lever - Balls from (1) exit out to (16)
12 - Trigger for "Jackpot" - Weight of balls must be on lever for jackpot to function, and machine to work
13 - "Jackpot" - where the balls from (1) are stored before they are won my the player
14 - Electrical switch contacts for "Winner" light
15 - Latch for glass/plastic door to open
16 - "Loosing balls" and "Ball Dump" Exit.

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