How to service and test them - Part 2

Step 12 - Close the ball loader and the door with the Winning Ball Exit/Playing tray (D). You may need to press down on that button again while closing the door.

Leave the glass/plastic door open for now.

Now load some balls into the playing tray, this is important DON'T LAUNCH BALLS YET! THE MACHINE WILL JAMB! (I learned this the hard way!)

copyright (C) Dan Reed  
Step 13 - Press the Ball eject (J) - The balls should smoothly end up in the Ball return (E), if not, re-check the ball loader behind the Winning Ball Exit/Playing tray (D).  
Step 14 - Set the machine up for play. Press the Reset Pin (6), it will send the Seesaw (5) upwards and lock it in the upright position.


This is a critical step for proper gameplay!

Step 15 - Ensure that the Dump Ball Lever (11) is locked. If not the balls will exit (16) when you fill the Winning Ball Tray (1).

This is a critical step for proper gameplay!

copyright (C) Dan Reed

Step 16 - Next take the balls and place them back into Winning Ball Exit/Playing tray (D). If you have extra balls (at least 100), take them at this time and add them to the Winning Ball Tray (1), if not follow the step below.

Add about 14 balls to the Winning Ball Tray (1). The balls should load into the Jackpot (13), press or move the Trigger (12) (Note, you have to remove a plastic cover to do this). Moving the Trigger (12) simulates the correct amount of balls in the machine, again this is only for testing the machine. This trigger prevents a person from "getting ripped off" by the machine if it starts to run low on balls, and they keep winning. This Trigger (12) "shuts down" the machine by preventing the Jackpot (13) from emptying.
Step 17 - Now, with the door still open, place one ball into each "Winning Pocket" (C)/(B). The machine should "pay off" 10-15 balls back into the Winning Ball Exit/Playing tray (D). On the way out the balls strike a small bell making a very clear loud ringing sound as each ball exits. Test each "Winning Pocket" (B, C) one at a time.

Note: ONE ball should exit at the Ball exit 1 (7) for each ball that goes into a winning pocket. If you did not lock the Trigger (12) as described, the balls will jamb up in this chute. The player does not get these balls back. They fall into the same container as the "Loosing balls" and "Ball Dump" Exit (16),

Note: If you have only 15 balls, you will need to re-load the Winning Ball Tray (1) after each test.

Tulips should open or close as balls are dropped into them.

Jackpot Ready To Go!

If everything looks ok, proceed to the next steps for testing. copyright (C) Dan Reed  
A - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light - Add more balls, or the machine may jamb
B - "Winning Pocket" Main attraction
C - Smaller "Winning Pockets" AKA Tulips and Pockets
D - Winning Ball Exit/Playing Tray - Where the winners balls exit from, and where the player places balls to play
E - Ball return - miss launched balls exit here
F - Flip out ash tray
G - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit to (D)
H - Cabinet Lock
I - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator - machine will not launch balls when this lever is down
J - Ball eject, takes balls from (D) and passes them to (E)
K - Ball Launcher
M - Finger Rest
1 - "Winning Ball Tray" - Must be filled for machine to work
2 - Electrical switch for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
3 - "Winner" light - Lights up as balls exit (13)
4 - Linkage for "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" - Indicator (I)
5 - "Seesaw" - Takes the balls that have entered a winning pocket and sends them down to the ball exit 1 (7) - AKA the Regulator
6 - Reset pin for (5), Must have (5) in upwards position for game to operate
7 - Ball exit 1 - Balls that landed in a Winning Pocket (B, C) exit here.
8 - Backside of Ball Launcher
9 - Power hook up for lights (see electrical notes section)
10 - "Winning Ball Tray - Empty" Light
11 - Dump Ball Lever - Balls from (1) exit out to (16)
12 - Trigger for "Jackpot" - Weight of balls must be on lever for jackpot to function, and machine to work
13 - "Jackpot" - where the balls from (1) are stored before they are won my the player
14 - Electrical switch contacts for "Winner" light
15 - Latch for glass/plastic door to open
16 - "Loosing balls" and "Ball Dump" Exit.

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