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CCP Math Club

CCP Math Club/Mu Alpha Theta Meeting

CCP Math Club/CCP Mu Alpha Theta will meet Tuesdays Wednesdays from 4:15pm to 5:45pm (room assignment to come soon)

The Math Club welcomes every student interested in Mathematics. We have various activities and talks planned for this (2013-2014 academic) year:

  • Competitions
  • Talks
  • Trips and fund-raising activities

CCP Math Club is a club for CCP students with an interest in math and science.

Activities may include listening to presentations or films, engaging in math contests, conducting experiments, or visiting science museums. All interested CCP students with a 2.0 overall average are eligible for CCP Math Club membership. CCP Math Club members who have completed either Math 162 or at least one CCP math course for which Math 162 is a prerequisite may in addition be eligible for membership in CCP Mu Alpha Theta. .

CCP Mu Alpha Theta

CCP Mu Alpha Theta is part math club and part math honor society for select math and science students at 2-year colleges and high schools. It is part of a national organization with over 1400 chapters. The national organization provides membership cards, newsletters, competitions, regional meetings, and other activities. Membership in CCP Math Club is a prerequisite for membership in CCP Mu Alpha Theta. Full membership in CCP Mu Alpha Theta may be helpful on a student's resume.