Dan's Vanagon Page - Or, how to try to do some things, and not others..

Top Painting on a budget

Hacks and Mods for the handy fellow

List of items done to my camper

Rust Hell Part 1

Wheel Painting

Door Baffle Testing/Sound Deading (B-Quiet type stuff)

87 Vanagon, Wire Schmatics

Digifant Pro Training Manual

Vanagon R-134a Retrofit TSB (VW)

Going Camping?  Take This List

Yes, at one point, I made one out of gingerbread!

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Here are some good Vanagon links..

www.vanagon.com – Good general info – a must visit…
http://gerry.vanagon.com/ – Mailing list and info
www.gowesty.com – Camper Parts!
www.vanagain.com – Good parts and advice – Ken is a really nice guy!
www.van-cafe.com – Good parts and advice
http://www.bcn.net/~limbo/ -
Late Model Bus Organization, international
http://www.vanagonparts.com/tech_index.html - Lots of good free data here!
http://volksweb.relitech.com/index.htm - Tom is the man..
http://www.benplace.com/vw2.htm - Ben is also the man!!