Westy / Vanagon Wheel Painting. 87 Factory Alloys.

Time 4 days.  Results, ok.  Not going to win any shows, but they do look better.  Click on any picture to enlarge it.

DSC00476.JPG (1858993 bytes)

Starting point.  Baked on brake dust.  Curb Rash.  Wrong tires.  

DSC00475.JPG (1662005 bytes)

Washed with Acetone and a green ScotchBrite pad.  Then hit with a 409 type spray cleaner. Demounted tire, cleaned curb rash with file and Dremel-Moto tool and wire brush.  Re-wiped with Acetone.

DSC00479.JPG (1828858 bytes)

3 layers of caliper paint, 2 layers of clear coat.  I should have used a tack rag, and waited longer before spraying the clear.  I got a slight "Craze" effect from the clear.  Plus a few fish eyes.  But this is the first wheel I ever painted.  I waited 2 days to mount them so the clear could harden up.  Be sure to also paint the back side of the wheel where the openings are.

DSC00482.JPG (1751123 bytes)

Close up.  You can see the imperfections.  Argh!

DSC00481.JPG (1839627 bytes)

Mounted on the rim-clamp machine

DSC00483.JPG (1756639 bytes)

Looks pretty good.

Finished pair for this week.  Messed up 1 wheel center a little when setting them on the tire balancer.  ARGH!!!

DSC00484.JPG (1765866 bytes)

Oh.  This is the stuff I used.

DSC00485.JPG (1634085 bytes)