Attendance, Help, & Integrity Policy

There are no required in class meetings for the course.  However, there is a right to arrange ad hoc meetings if deemed necessary (i.e. oral quizzing, showing work). Student work on assignments must be individual.  Copying other's work or getting others to do assignments is a violation of CCP's Academic Integrity Policy and disciplinary action will be taken.

Please SAVE ALL OF YOUR scratch WORK during the class in the event you are ask to show any of your work In-Person (or to attach to an email).  Students must be able to show their work NEATLY and READABLE upon my requisition. Failure to show work is noncompliance with the CCP's Academic Integrity Policy. Infractions can result in an "F" grade, negative code of conduct being placed on a student's college record, and/or expulsion.

Randomly guessing at assignment questions (i.e. multiple choice, fill-in-the blank) until the answer is correct is also a violation of academic integrity (“effort at deception…in completing academic work”).

Instructure Canvas will be used as the primary communication platform (discussion board and email). All correspondence (i.e. important announcements) will take place in the Canvas Discussions tab.  You should check Instructure Canvas at least once per week to see if I've sent any class emails or discussion posts.


Assignments are all done online in as prescribed and completion of these assignments will serve as the basis for your grade.  Students are expected to login into Instructure Canvas and PearsonMyLab each week. I will be checking email, discussion posts, and your PearsonMyLab HOMEWORK progress throughout the week. Almost every week there is an assignment. The only graded assignments are under "Assignments" in PearsonMyLab.  Anything else you do (i.e. Study Plan, Text Exercises, Practice Quizzes, etc.) is just practice to get ready for the graded assignments and do NOT count toward your grade. In PearsonMyLab, read the online text and PowerPoints corresponding to the week listed in the syllabus, watch the Videos, and do the online text practice exercises. Then the graded assignment(s) should ideally be started by the following Monday.  Not starting an assignment is the same as missing a class and will be used for attendance reporting purposes. You can move ahead to the next assignment at any time.  Also, you may reattempt any question (up to the maximum # of attempts) until the due date. Click here for more detailed  Directions for Doing PearsonMyLab Assignments (Statistics or Precalculus),  in PearsonMyLab.  We will NOT cover every section in the text. Please only read and watch videos/animations pertaining to the sections mentioned in the Syllabus.


Login to PearsonMyLab through Canvas.

You MUST eventually enter a purchased Pearson MyLab Access Code, otherwise when the temp code expires you will not show up with the rest of the class in my Gradebook and consequently, a final grade may never be entered on your behalf for the course.

If you do NOT log into PearsonMyLab by the Extension Date/Time listed in the Home tab in your Canvas course, then your attendance will be reported to the registrar as "Never Attended" and you can be withdrawn from the course.

*College policy states that students missing more than 2 weeks worth of semester work (1 week in Summer Session) may be withdrawn from the course.


Please, follow your syllabus for what you are to do week by week.

Then an extension date/time is allowed and given in the Home tab in your Canvas course.



Unlimited attempts are flexibly allowed (up to the due date) to account for computer glitches and provide optimum opportunity for success.  You should be following the Syllabus as a TimeLine.  There is already a multiple week extension built into the Extension due dates, so please do NOT ask for extra time.


Your assignment average will appear in GRADEBOOK (tab in the left margin of PearsonMyLab).

Timeliness of doing assignments (as per the syllabus), reading the discussion posts, and performance on the Final Exam will be taken into account, especially in borderline and equivocal cases.  You must work on ALL assignments to complete the course. Otherwise, a letter grade will be dropped for missing assignments.

HINT:  The Final Exam (with unlimited attempts & best score counting) is available in Week 1 so take the Final Exam midway through the course just to see how you do and to at least get 1 attempt done.


Helpful Resources:
You will have computer issues.  It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”  The issue could be a temporary glitch with Pearson, so first wait to see if it resolves itself.  If you do indeed have problems with PearsonMyLab, contact their Customer Technical Support  or by phone (my recommendation is to use their chat support). If you have other computer problems please contact your computer brand's Tech Support. It helps to “refresh” your internet browser to update the information saved in the “cookies.”

PearsonMyLab has Video instruction, PowerPoints, Animated instruction, and worked out examples.  In addition, for Stats classes, I have provided Class Notes and Examples in my website. Class Notes are meant to complement readings and contain definitions, concepts, formulas (in the format you would put them in a graphing calculator) and using technology instruction (StatCrunch and Excel).

I am available by email 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Since I have about 180 students a session, please allow a few days for a response. I have offices at Main B2-25J and NERC 328.  Instructor help will only be given on examples NOT graded exercises.  It is best to post to the discussion board so others can help, as well.

If you need regular tutoring, Learning Labs are available at all CCP campuses (i.e. South Learning Lab on Main Campus in B2-36, 215-751-8480) has group and private tutoring.  Also, click here for Pearson Publishing online tutoring.  Getting tutors to do graded assignments (Homework, Tests) is a violation of CCP's Academic Integrity Policy (see above).  Tutors can show examples LIKE the question but cannot do the graded exercises.


Click here for CCP Distance Education Counseling Services

Click here for CCP Center on Disability