Directions for Doing PearsonMyLab Statistics Assignments

 By Dr. S. Gramlich

(updated: )


The following explains how to navigate through PearsonMyLab to do your online assignments and some helpful advice.  The resources in this online course are strategically set up so that you may go directly to attempting the assignments as soon as you login.  All graded assignments (homework and Final Exam) should be started by the due date/time given in MyLab. No exceptions beyond the extension dates/times given in the home tab of Canvas.


Login to through Canvas and click on Assignments in the left margin.

Select the graded Chapter Assignment Homework and question # you want to do.

NOTE:  No two Students in the class will get the same questions!



There are many resources in the right margin of the assignment exercise to help you answer the question correctly:  Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Video, Animation, Textbook Pages, and StatCrunch.  View these resources FIRST (i.e. read the text pages, watch the videos/animations in Multimedia Library in the left margin), learn how to do the exercise, and then complete the exercise. Note:  After you go through Help Me Solve This, new question numbers will be regenerated.



A calculator is mandatory.  Windows has a calculator under Start –Programs -Accessories -Calculator.  In addition, I recommend using MyLab’s StatCrunch.  StatCrunch is a spreadsheet program which allows you to perform most of the statistical routines. You may also use Excel, Minitab, Statdisk, or the Ti Calculator as discussed in the technology sections in your textbook.  Excel is available on all CCP computers.  Explanations of using StatCrunch and Excel are also in my online Notes. StatCrunch, Statdisk, and DDXL (an add-in for Excel) can be found in PearsonMyLab under Tools for Success (in left margin).  Plenty of smartphone apps are also available.


TABLES:  Tables A-2, A-3, A-6 can be found under

Tools for Success (in left margin)- Triola Statistics Series Review Card.  Also, alternatives to using the Tables (i.e. using StatCrunch or Excel for critical values, areas under curve, or p-values) are discussed in my online Notes.



Your Grade Will Depend Upon Your Persistence.

After you click “Check Answer,” if you get the exercise wrong on the first try, MyLab will give you a few more tries to answer it right.  Homework questions have unlimited attempts by clicking “Similar Exercise” or “Try Again.”  If you want to take a break, click “Save” then come back to doing your assignment whenever you like.


TESTS:  The Final Exam (110 MINUTES, available in Week 1) can also be found under Assignments in the left margin and can be taken as many times as you like up to the due date/time. BEST SCORE counts.


GRADING:  To get your Final weighted Average, add up ALL the points you’ve earned for each assignment and divide by the total # of POSSIBLE points. Note:  Each assignment has a different point value.

Convert to a %. Verify your grade% in PearsonMyLab Gradebook.
Timeliness of doing assignments (as per the syllabus), reading the discussion posts, and performance on the Final Exam will be taken into account, especially in borderline and equivocal cases.  You must work on ALL assignments to complete the course. Otherwise, a letter grade will be dropped for missing assignments.