by Dr. S. Gramlich

(updated 5/30/12)



To access your MyLabsPlus account:

  1. Go to – You must use IE as your browser
  2. In the Log In space, enter your J number – use upper case J
  3. In the Password space, enter “password”
  4. Click on Log In
  5. At the Welcome Screen, click on your course under the semester under Course List





To change your MyLabsPlus account password:

1.   At the Welcome Screen, find and click on MyProfile in the upper right

2.   In the Old Password space, enter “password”

3.   Create and Verify a New Password for your account

4.   Click Update with new Values

5.   Click Sign off

6.   Enter your Log In (CCP Student ID with the upper case J) and your NEW Password

7.   Click on Log In

To access your MyLabsPlus assignments:

1.   (After you click on your course on the Welcome Screen) On the left side, click on MSL Homework

2.   Click on the “Do homework assigned by your instructor.” link in the middle of the screen




3.   Before you can access the homework, you will see the Licensing agreement. Scroll to the bottom and click on: “ I Accept.”

4.   You will be prompted for an access code, click on Access Code and enter the access code packaged with your Textbook.

-An Example of the Access code will look something like this:


-You can also purchase the Access Code by clicking on “Buy Access Now”

Once you have entered the Access Code successfully, you will NOT need to do it again. You will have full access to all the on line materials for your course.


If you do not have the text yet, you can use the "Temporary Access" tab (also in the Left Margin) and use the temporary access code for 21 days until you get your text.


Click on the MSL Multimedia Library, Tools for Success, Chapters, and Resources (ALL in the left margin) to find the text, power points, videos, animations, and practice problems that will help you understand the material covered in this class.


If there is a Final Exam, it will be found under “Quizzes/Tests” in the left margin.


To access your MyLabsPlus Grades:

1.   On the left side, click on MSL Gradebook

2.   Click on the gradebook link in the middle of the screen

3.   Click on the “Entire course to date” to see the points you earned for each assignment

      Note: Each assignment has a different point value

4.   Click on “Show Overall Score” to see your grade to date

      Note: Score is for ALL assignments and will get better each time you complete an assignment