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What is the Curriculum Facilitation Team (CFT)?


The Curriculum Facilitation Team is an innovation in curriculum development pioneered at the Community College of Philadelphia, beginning in 1995. Our coordinator is appointed by and reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Coordinator of the CFT is


Amy A. Birge, PhD.

(215) 751-8334


The CFT is composed of faculty with interest and experience in curriculum development who have been appointed to do curriculum work under the direction of the Office of Academic Affairs. The current members of the CFT are


Larry MacKenzie, MFA

(215) 751-8636


Barbara Spadaro, MA

215 751-8680 x0791


What does the CFT do?


Members of the CFT assist faculty members in developing their curriculum projects:

        Create new programs

        Revise existing programs

        Create new courses

        Revise existing courses


How does the process begin?

The curriculum development process often begins with a faculty member, department, department head, program coordinator or dean who recognizes the need to revise an existing course or program or create a new one.

The office of Curriculum Development gets involved once the dean approves the project. The CFT coordinator will assign a team member to work with you. That facilitator will then contact you to learn the pace and magnitude of your project and what assistance you would like as you undertake your project.




Document Templates, Forms, and Samples


Templates and Forms

New Program Proposal Template

Program Revision Template

Proficiency Certificate Template

Program Addendum Form

Course Development Template

Course Addendum Form


Sample Documents

ASET Program (revision)

Biology Degree (new program)

GEOG 103 (course revision)

BMET 101 (new course)

Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate




Office of Curriculum Development