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What is the Curriculum Facilitation Team?


The Curriculum Facilitation Team is an innovation in curriculum development pioneered at the Community College of Philadelphia, beginning in 1995.  Please visit our pages to learn more about the development process, to retrieve development models, or to contact facilitators. The Acting Coordinator of the CFT is:


Amy Birge (215) 751 8334

The CFT is a group of faculty with interest and experience in curriculum development who have been appointed to do curriculum work under the direction of the Office of Academic Affairs.

Our coordinator is appointed by and reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Our job is to assist faculty members in developing their curriculum projects:

         Design new programs

         Revise existing programs

         Write new courses

         Revise existing courses

How does the facilitation process begin?

After you have discussed your project with your Department Head, and received approval from your Dean, the Dean will contact the CFT coordinator, who will assign a team member to work with you.  That facilitator will then contact you to learn the pace and magnitude of your project and what assistance you would like as you undertake your project.

Our Mission Statement
September 23, 2002

The purpose of the Curriculum Facilitation Team is to help faculty and administrators of the College develop strong courses, curricula and academic programs that are represented in clear, cogent and useful documents.  Members of the CFT assist faculty in designing coherent courses and programs that fulfill the mission of the College, maintain professional and academic standards, and promote effective teaching and learning.

From the individual curriculum developers perspective, the CFT serves as a resource that can lend useful guidance and assistance in the course or program writing/ revision process.  Depending on the experience and individual needs of developers, CFT members help them in any or all stages of the process, from exploring a nascent project to documenting or revising a well-established course or program.  From a broader perspective, the CFT has a function in maintaining the institutions educational vitality:  members of the CFT work closely with faculty, the Deans, and the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to help ensure the integrity of individual courses and appropriate sequencing of courses within a program.  It is the mission of the CFT to serve as a catalyst for instructional excellence at the College.

In accomplishing its aims, the Curriculum Facilitation Team:

  • encourages faculty in their attempts to promote active, student-centered learning;
  • informs faculty about curriculum development models, standards, and processes;
  • regularly revisits and refines the guidelines and models provided to developers;
  • helps faculty develop and describe productive learning activities; 
  • serves as liaison between faculty and administration in regard to curriculum development projects;
  • conducts workshops on curricular issues and concerns at the College;
  • presents the Colleges unique curricular designs at conferences on higher education;
  • fosters and contributes to College discourse on educational issues and curricular policy.