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Determinants for Selecting Biology 106-107 or 123-124

Biology 106 and 107 (General Biology I and II) are designed for students in the health career area, for transfer students, and for those students who wish to explore biology as a science. Biology 106 and 107 are not for Biology or other science majors. No credit for these courses may be applied towards the Associates in Science Degree.

The following students will take Biology 106:

• Liberal Arts students who need to transfer a non-majors, four-credit lab science.

• Health Career students who have not had high school biology and chemistry within the past 10 years. This is mandatory for intending nurses.

• Heath career students who had biology within the past 10 years but who would like to improve their confidence in this area.

The following students will take Biology 107:

• Liberal Arts students who need to transfer a non-majors, eight-credit lab sequence and who have passed Biology 106  (or Biology 101 in the past 10 years but have not had college chemistry).

• Students in the Medical Laboratory technology or Electronics Engineering Technology-Biomedical Option programs. Permission is required.

• Students in the Associates in Science Degree program with a concentration in Biology (nominal "Biology majors") normally should be advised to take Biology 123, 124, 211, and 241.

The following students will take Biology 123:

• Students in the Associates in Science Degree Program who have passed Chem 121 with a C or better. Chem 122 is also highly recommended. Chem 110, in rare cases, may be substituted as a prerequisite for Biology 123.

The following students will take Biology 124:

• Students who have passed Biology 123 with a grade of C or better. Biology 124 is a prerequisite for Biology 215.

• Students who have had Biology 101 and the chemistry prerequisites must request permission of the department head for registration.

Special Notes to Students from Other Colleges


 Before taking any CCP Biology course you must have previously submitted your transcript to CCP Transcript Evaluation and be certified for English 101 or higher.

 All CCP course prerequisites are strictly enforced and must be completed before registering. You must present documentation showing that prerequisite courses taken at other colleges are comparable in content to CCP courses. A course syllabus and lab outline are the best documentation.

If you wish to enroll in:

 Biology 109 (Anatomy and Physiology I, first semester): You should get permission from your own home Department Head stating that CCP's BIOL 109 is comparable to their first semester Anatomy and Physiology course.

 Biology 110 (Anatomy and Physiology II, second semester): You must give the CCP Biology Department Head a syllabus and lab outline for the course you are requesting to substitute for our BIOL 109 (the prerequisite for BIOL 110). Your course must have the same content in both lecture and lab material.

 Biology 241 (Principles of Microbiology): You must present a transcript showing that you have had four credits of a Cellular and Molecular Biology course or eight credits of Anatomy and Physiology.

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All Biology courses require English 101 readiness as a prerequisite. All prerequisite and transfer courses must have been taken within the past ten (10) years and must have been passed with a grade of C or better. Before making course selections, please consult the College Catalogue and your curriculum advisor. Register early!

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